I did this video. 
I thought it was a good idea at the time.
I was tired and i had consumed too much coffee. 

Hey i talk about stuff.
And i thank you for inspiring me to keep going with my channel.
I thank you all so much for the last couple of days.
It is just amazing.

Guys and gaals! 
i was featured on Muyskerms channel! 
You may know him from Markipliers videos such as Prop Hunt, Drunk Minecraft and skate 3. 

He is a great guy! very nice and i had a lot of fun making my “house” on his server. 

Be sure to check it out :)

Notch’s new creation isn’t anything other than just the best game ever. 
I loved exploring this. 
even tho, it got to me… and as i sacrificed my soul to the overlord. 
i quite liked how the ending turned out.

Everybody once in a while need a track that says “fuck you” with force. 
Send it to that special someone.

You want an mp3? beg for it.

Even tho i live in Norway.I can rock the summer while being under a blanket on my couch inside. 

Even tho i live in Norway.
I can rock the summer while being under a blanket on my couch inside. 

So everyoe played Goat Simulator right? 
have you checked out this new game made by the same people? 

It is just fantastic, great alternative indie game. 
A really good adventure. 

Here is my first episode of it :)

The people hating on TASM 2…

Do they at all realize that Spider-Man was a comic before it became a movie and all that? 
For those of you in america who have not seen it yet i will not spoil. 

but ffs. 
The plot follows stuff from the comic a lot better than those other movies.
And these things are bad? 

If they cancel this movie series because a lot of idiots shares their hate on it i will cry.